Hiking Trails

The High Coast Trail


The 130-km long High Coast Trail stretches through the entire World Heritage Site that shares its name, starting in Hornöberget in the south and ending in Örnsköldsvik in the north. The trail is divided into 13 sections that are a unique mix of both archipelago and deep forest with exciting areas rich in flora and fauna along the way. There are numerous activities, side trails and unique nature experiences for you to enjoy: deep forests, high till-capped mountains, mountaintop viewpoints, rocky shorelines, cobble fields, sandy swimming beaches and nature reserves. At times you will find yourselves up to 250 metres above sea level. Nowhere else in Sweden will you find yourself so high up, yet so close to the coast as here! Regardless of if you are an experienced hiker or a curious beginner, there are sections of the trail that will be perfect for you. We hope that you have a fantastic time on the High Coast Trail. Take your time and enjoy yourself, you are about to experience some of the World Heritage Site's absolute highlights.

Stop by the hotel reception for our High Coast Trail hiking guide – perfect to take along with you on your hike.




The Little High Coast Trail


Right by the hotel entrance is the start of the Little High Coast Trail. Choose between three variations:

Blue trail 7 km

Yellow trail 3.5 km

Red trail 2 km.

Along the trail you will find barbeque areas with seating as well as wind shelters with barbeque facilities. Pick up a map from the hotel reception and purchase a ready-made snack bag or packed lunch for your walk. Erik Daniels, who lived in the mid 1800s, resided on and off in the stone huts that he built in the forests of Nora Parish. The remains of 14 such huts have been found in the area.














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