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Spa massage pool


The hotel offers all guests free access to our sauna and relaxing spa area. There you also can find our spa massage pool that is located outdoors with breath-taking views of the famous bridge Högakustenbron and river Ångermanälven. Please note that the sauna and pool should be booked in advance! Prices for the spa massage pool are listed below: Fixed booking times: 11.00-13.00, 16.00-18.00, or 21.00-23.00.


Hotel guest 2 pers (2 hours) SEK 450

Hotel guest 4 pers (2 hours) SEK 750



The Little High Coast Trail


Right by the hotel entrance is the start of the Little High Coast Trail. Choose between three variations:

Yellow trail 3.5 km or 7 km

Pink trail 2 km.

Along the trail you will find barbeque areas with seating as well as wind shelters with barbeque facilities. Pick up a map from the hotel reception and purchase a ready-made snack bag or packed lunch for your walk. Erik Daniels, who lived in the mid 1800s, resided on and off in the stone huts that he built in the forests of Nora Parish. The remains of 14 such huts have been found in the area.


Frisbee Golf 

A great way to get outdoors – take a walk, enjoy the views and challenge your friends or                                                                                            colleagues to our nine-hole Frisbee golf course.Frisbeegolf

A relaxing activity that everyone can take part in.

Price: SEK 50/pers 

Time needed: Approx. one hour





Kayaking is an amazing way to experience nature. The feeling of dipping your paddle into the mirror-like surface of the water, or of making your way through a choppy section is hard to beat.

Paddling is all about experiencing nature and feeling free. Glide into a deserted beach, make your way out to sea, or follow the riverbanks upstream.


Half day                       SEK 350Kajak

Whole day                  SEK 550

Two days                    SEK 850

Three days                 SEK 1350






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