Hemsö Fästning

Hemsö Fortress

Come and visit a military facility from the days of the Cold War. Deep under Storråberget on the island of Hemsön is one of the country’s best-preserved defence secrets.

The fort was manned by 320 people at its peak and is still in perfect condition. It gives you an excellent understanding of one of Sweden’s coastal defences during the cold war.

Guided tours everyday during peak season.

On the north coast of Hemsön is a peninsular Havstoudden with its special underground facility and beautiful scenery. Accommodation is available here. Kläffsön is a third underground facility in the defence system and is on the island’s eastern side. Barely seen from above ground, the cannon towers are 15 metres deep.

You can get to Hemsön by boat – dock at the Hemsön Guest Marina, Hultom Guest Marina or Båthushamns Guest Marina. It is also possible to be picked up at the harbour and taken to Hemsö Fort and back after your visit. This needs to be booked the day prior to your visit.



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