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Vendace Roe 30g    159:-

Served with new potatoes, whipped smetana, red onion, dill,

lemon cream & potato chips.

Recommended wine: Waltraud Riesling 100:-/glass

Grans Moment Brut Cava 295:-/bottle


Gubbröra    89:-

Made of soused herring from Klädesholmen, egg, potato, mayonnaise.

Served on dark rye bread with browned butter and chive.

Recommended wine: Groh Grauburgunder 106:-/glass

Recommended beer: Kustens Frej Pilsner 75:-/33cl


 Beef Tartar from Västernorrland farms 60g    109:-

Mixed with caper, beetroot, cold pressed oil & truffle oil .  Served with ramson mayonnaise, pickled tomatoes, deep fried onion, wonton leafs,

grated Pecorino Roman, cress & leek oil.

  Recommended beer: Lockeby Högsommardag Pale Ale 80:-/33cl

Recommended wine: Jean León 3055 Merlot/Petit 106:-/glass 


Tomatoes & fresh strawberries         98:-

Blended with basil oil. Served with goat cheese cream from Forseds farm, rye bread flakes,

balsamic reduction &friseé salad.

Recommended wine: Rosé de Purcari 105:-/glass 



Main Courses




Pasta   174:-

With strips of beef, point cabbage, red onion, fresh beans.

Tomato- & basil sause &pea shoots.

Recommended wine: Pio Cesare Langhe Nebbiolo 120:-/glass



Lambmincesteak   169:-

Made of mince from northern farms. Served with roasted beetroot, deep fried new potatoes,

Red wine gravy, pickled red onion, goat cheese cream & parsley.

Recommended wine: Celest Tinto Fino 110:-glass



Burger from Västernorrland farms 180g  189:-

Homemade mince of chuck from Västernorrland farms.

Served medium on roasted brioche bread with crispy salad pickled cucumber, pimento dressing,

smoked cheddar & french fries

Recommended wine: Ibericos Rioja 90:-/glass

Recommended beer: Zeunerts Höga Kusten 68:-/33cl



Arctic Char from Jämtland              279:-

Served with lukewarm herb-tossed potatoes, lemon- &elderflower baked fennel,

lemon cream, browned butter, scallions, radish, dill & beetroot shoots.

Recommended wine: Pio Cesare LÀltro Chardonnay 125:-/glass



Sirloin Steak from Västernorrland farms 170g                 339:-

Served with grilled fresh onion & carrots, deep fried new potatoes, red wine gravy,

black garlic butter, pickled red onion & pea shoots.

Recommended wine: La Fortuna Brunello 170:-glass



Lentilsteak made of red lentils           159:-

Served with point cabbage, fresh beans, red onion, buckwheat, baby spinach,

pickled tomatoes, vegan chili mayonnaise, roasted sunflower seeds &

sesame seeds with leek oil.

Recommended wine: Rosé de Purcari 105:-/glass



Beef Tartar from Västernorrland farms 120 g  189:-

Mixed with caper, beetroot, cold pressed oil & truffle oil.

Served with ramson mayonnaise, pickled tomatoes, deep fried onion, wonton leafs,

grated Pecorino Roman, cress, leek oil & french fries.

Recommended wine: Jean Leon 3055 Merlot/ Petit Verdot 106:-/glass
       Recommended beer: Lockeby Högsommardag Pale Ale 80:-/33 cl



Shrimpsalad 198:-

With sliced fennel & carrots, cabbage salad, dill mayonnaise, soybeans, roasted sunflower seeds,

sesame seeds, pickled red onion, rye bread crumbs, beetroot sprouts & half an egg.

Recommended wine: Pazo das Bruxas Albariño 90:-/glass



Fish stew with saffron   239:-

Tomatobased cod, salmon & shrimp stew with a hint of Pernod. Served with fennel, aioli & sourdough bread

Recommende wine: Pio Cesare LÁltro 125:-/glass









Crème brûlée   86:-

Classic crème brûlée

Recommended dessert wine: Moscatel Oro 48:-/4 cl



Cavasorbet  109:-

Served with nut cake, strawberry curd, fresh raspberries, meringue, salted caramelized cobnuts,

spruce shoots oil & Atsina cress

Recommended dessert wine: Pio Cesare Moscato DÁsti 60:-/4cl




Truffle   39:-

Homemade chocolate truffle with whipped cream

Recommended dessert wine: Torres Brandy 15  128:-/4 cl



Rhubarb compote        92:-

Served with whipped white chocolate mousse, crushed caramel biscuits & fresh strawberries

Recommended dessert wine: Pio Cesare Moscato DÁsti 60:-/4cl



Kids menu

For kids up to 12 years



Pancakes    69:-

Served with ice cream, whipped cream & homemade jam


Burger  90g    72:-

Served on a roasted burger bun with salad, dressing & french fries


Homemade meatballs & cooked potatoes   75:-

Served with cream gravy and lingonberry jam


Pasta with beef     79:-

Served with cream gravy





Ice cream    49:-

Vanilla ice cream topped with candy & sprinkles

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Sunday  11.00-18.00

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