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Jerusalem artichoke soup    89:-

Served with sponge duxelle, fried King Oyster & Jerusalem artichoke

Recommended wine: Pazo das Bruxas Albariño 90:-glass




 Steak Tartar from Västernorrlandsgården 60g    98:-

Mixed with caper, beet, cold pressed oil & truffle oil. Served with smoked mayonnaise, pickled red onion, fried potato, caper & cress

  Recommended beer: Kustens Frej Pilsner 75:-/33cl

Recommended wine: Jean León 3055 DO Penedès 106:-/glass 



Main Courses



Creamy pasta   169:-

With strips of beef, fried forest mushrooms, point cabbage, red onion, truffle oil, spinach & grated Parmesan

Recommended wine: Ibericos Rioja 90:-/glass


Red wine braised pork cheek   179:-

Served with fried potatoes, buttered veal stock, celeriac puree, blackcurrant cream, baked carrot, pickled onions & parsley  

Recommended wine: Pio Cesare Langhe Nebbiolo 120:-glass


  Burger from ”Västernorrlandsgården” 180g  189:-

Homemade mince of prime rib from Västernorrlandsgården.

Served medium on roasted brioche with beer braised pork, smoked mayonnaise, Svecia cheese, pickled red onion & french fries

Recommended wine: Ibericos Rioja 90:-/glass

Recommended beer: Lockeby Högsommar Pale ale 80:-/33cl



Arctic Char from Jämtland   269:-

Served with potato puree, fennel sauce, lemon baked fennel, baked carrot, pickled onions & water cress  

Recommended wine: Pio Cesare l’Altro DOC 125:-/glass


Sirloin Steak from ”Västernorrlandsgården” 170g   339:-

Served with frired potatoes, buttered veal stock, funnel chanterelle butter, confit celeriac & pickled onions

Recommended wine: Purgatori 2014 Cariñena/Garnacha/Syrah 160:-/glass

Or Pio Cesare Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 120:-/glass


Baked cauliflower 165:-

With potato purée, baked forest mushroom, spinach, browned soy butter with hazelnuts, black garlic mayonnaise, pickled cauliflower top & salt roasted kale   

Recommended wine: Pio Cesare l’Altro DOC 125:-/glass


Steak Tartar from Västernorrlandsgården 120 g  189:-

Mixed with caper, beet, cold pressed oil & truffle oil. Served with smoked mayonnaise, pickled red onion, fried potato, caper, cress & french fries

Recommended wine: Jean Leon 3055 DO Penedes  106:-/glass
       Recommende beer: Kustens Frej Pilsner 75:-/33 cl






Crème brûlée   86:-

Classic crème brûlée

Recommended dessert wine: Moscatel Oro 48:-/4 cl


Apple & cinnamon  92:-

Ice-cream made of apple and cinnamon, cardamom mud cake, apple compote, salted caramel & crushed oatmeal

Recommended dessert wine: Disznókő Tokaji Late Harvest 52:-/4cl



Truffle   39:-

Homemade chocolate truffle with whipped cream

Recommended dessert wine: Torres Brandy 15  128:-/4 cl



Kids menu

  For kids up to 12 years



Pancakes    69:-

Served with ice cream, whipped cream & strawberry jam


Burger  90g    72:-

Served on a roasted sesame bun with salad, dressing & french fries


Homemade meatballs & mashed potatoes   75:-

Served with cream gravy and lingonberry jam

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Mon-Thu 11.30-20.00
Fri-Sat 11.30-21.00
Sunday  11.00-18.00

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